Listen Edgemar

(2004), with Hugh Livingston

for Macintosh G4 running Max/MSP, two microphones and 14-channel sound
installed at Edgemar, Santa Monica, CA
presented by Edgemar Installations, commissioned by Abby Sher.

The installation is connected to the ebb and flow of tides at the nearby Santa Monica Municipal Pier. High and low tides throughout the day are marked by dramatic episodes swirling through the live acoustical space. Each high tide brings in a few new pieces of ‘sonic driftwood’, short snippets of sound that are dropped into cyclonic rings, slowly rotating through the space, repeating at irregular intervals. The result is a raindrop smattering soundscape, constantly familiar yet constantly cycling. Each low tide washes away a few sounds, so that over time the materials are replenished like so much coastline flotsam and jetsam. The sonic driftwood consists of sounds recorded around the site, with the addition of instrumental materials provided by Jesse Catron, Paul Livingstone, Pauline Oliveros, Jeremy Drake, Philip Gelb and Vinny Golia.

The installation can be heard daily from 8am–11pm in the subterranean level of the parking garage. Edgemar is at 2415 Main St. in Santa Monica, south of Pico, north of Lincoln.